We initiate campaigns that will result
in torrential gains on long term basis

Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce Marketing and Branding Interactively Drives Customers to Your Online Store

Interactive ecommerce marketing and branding communicates through visuals, variation and value to achieve highly targeted results regardless of geographic and demographic diversity.

Ecommerce marketing and branding relies on a set of elements like conveying a core message and value that aligns an object?s desirability with what a client is seeking.

E-commerce marketing and branding leverages power of social media to create highly desirable properties in a brand that in turn results in less marketing efforts and increased conversions with the least cost. When you have a recognized, globally accepted identity and an appreciated brand, you need not initiate separate campaigns to address demographics or various geographic locations: the strategy speaks a universal language that appeals to the core of any individual anywhere. This translates to global sales and more sales on a continuously rising basis.

There is more to selling products than simply highlighting its features. We create emotional appeal, share reviews and generate human level interactivity in our promotions for lasting effects.

Greenleaf Solutions?s e-commerce marketing and branding services are inextricably linked with social media and networking.

We undertake the following activities as part of our E-Commerce marketing services:

 Analyze the competition
 Position your products on internet so that your site gets the right attention from the potential customers
 Design visuals incorporating unique graphic and color elements that leave a lasting impact in the social                  consciousness
 Leverage testimonials, reviews and feedbacks as a means of influencing buying decisions
 Make sure that only positive reviews are posted on internet regarding your products and services
 Create Twitter, Facebook , google plus and LinkedIn pages for your business
 Incorporate the social icon buttons on your website