We initiate campaigns that will result
in torrential gains on long term basis

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing essentially is a simple act of sending out emails with compelling, interesting and motivating content to a select group of target prospects with a view to influence their decision making process in your favor.

Our email marketing services help create trust and confidence, loyalty and keeps you constantly on the prospect?s radar. Even if he is not buying today, sometime in the future he may need your product. It is a way of reaching out and keeping in touch with interesting content to take advantage of the moment when a person makes a buy decision, hopefully in your favor with all the positive influence your stream of emails have on him.

Benefits of email marketing

Sending direct emails to the IDs of your target audience develops your business in a very economical way

Email marketing is inexpensive and can be implemented easily as well as instantaneously.

•   Everyone reads mail provided it is interesting and is appealing

•  A constant stream of emails helps you keep in touch, develop relationships and, if done interactively, can engage and motivate prospects

•  You can easily keep track and compile analytics to refine marketing campaigns.

•  Emails cut across time barriers and geographic boundaries, helping you establish a global market for your products

How we do it to ensure success for you

Greenleaf Solutions digital, as an email marketing company provides total email marketing solutions. Each email is designed in a way to whet the recipient?s appetite for the next and over a period of time we help establish long term relationships, maximize returns on investment and generate sales through conversions.

We undertake the following activities as part of our Email marketing services:

 Analyse and research your markets, products and target customers
 Design effective, striking emails comprised of the right mix of content and graphics that deliver the right message
 Come up with new and better ways to build a superior brand image that translates to revenues
 We have team involved in:

      Delivery of bulk emails
      Carrying out analytics
      Compilation of email lists

USPs of our email marketing solutions:

Spam-Free Email:
We follow the best practices to avoid getting your emails into the dreaded ?spam box? of your customers. We closely evaluate the content of your email for any possible spam. We follow the most rigorous anti-spam guidelines to make your email foolproof.

Inbox deliverability:
We place high significance on Email Deliverability which is the act of getting your email into the recipients inbox as it is the ultimate goal of any email marketing campaign. We follow a combination of best practices including list management, email authentication and reputation.

Email preview testing on major email clients and devices:
How your email looks when your customer opens it, is a very important aspect of any email marketing campaign. Keeping this mind, we make sure to test your email previews for all devices from desktops to mobiles to tablets to ensure your emails look equally stunning on all devices. Also we make use of a number of automated tools to check how your email will look in all of the popular email clients (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc).