We initiate campaigns that will result
in torrential gains on long term basis

PPC Management Services

Maximum traffic in the shortest time with soundly integrated, flawlessly planned and superbly implemented PPC campaigns

The quickest way to jumpstart your online marketing is to implement Pay Per Click (PPC) or paid advertising on search engines. When anyone searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine where you have initiated a PPC program, using keywords you choose, your ad will be displayed. If a visitor clicks on your ad link, you pay for that click. PPC campaigns can be displayed on search engine result pages, links and banners. A visitor may view your ad known as ?impression? but may not click in which case you do not pay. PPC management services are commonly implemented with a tracking tool such as clickstream analysis to let you compile data on traffic, visitors, locations and other metrics in order to help fine tune PPC campaigns. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines have their unique implementations of pay per click or adwords programs.

Benefits of our PPC management services:

We help you for the best utilization of your PPC budget hitting the right target.

Cost effective, highly researched PPC campaigns we implement show immediate gains to capture visitors who are already searching for your products. Organic SEO takes a long time to show results but PPC gets you off the mark quickly by generating traffic. With well strategized PPC campaign management, you can reach specific demographics and geographic locations, establishing yourself as a key provider. Since you pay only for clicks by people looking for your products, you get best value for money.

How we do it

For us at Greenleaf Solutions digital marketing, quality is more important than quantity and to this end, each PPC campaign is preceded by intense research of current markets vis-à-vis your products and keywords and search terms in use. With our experience and knowledge of each search engine as well as buyer psyche, we compile a campaign after intense discussion with you to fix your objectives and outcomes for the budget. At every stage we keep fine tuning the process based on analysis of data. The outcome is unprecedented success laying the foundations for solid growth.