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Social Application Development

Social applications take social media experience to the next level, bringing in greater functionalities to help you grow and grow

Social media and networking is the hottest thing around these days with FaceBook, Google plus, Linked in and Twitter at the top. As you will have noticed their pages are full of widgets or social applications that help you share images, write on walls, share events, conduct polls, connect with friends and so on. These social media sites now offer APIs that allow creation of social applications to further enhance user experience and reach out to millions without major investment. Yahoo Messenger, Meebo and Skype are popular social media messaging apps used by millions. Customized social applications are product or company centric, bringing in greater functionality and empowering better interaction with existing customers as well as engaging new ones.

Benefits of social applications

Our apps empower you to get more publicity and reach more people on social media.

Social apps we develop help you reach out to millions, engage them at a personal level and deliver a rich user experience while gaining revenues in the process. In fact, social apps interface and blend in with larger social media platform so seamlessly yet increase functionality multifold, leading to better brand awareness and a superior image for you across the online social world. The social media platform becomes more enjoyable, interactive and productive when you have our social apps working for you.

How we do it

Each client and his needs are unique. Working on that premise we understand your immediate needs, future long term plans, integrate it with the way the world is evolving and then define apps that will further aid in achievement of your objective. We have experts specializing in facebook application development and twitter application development. We integrate links on your website and implement these to your growing benefit. Whether it is to engage at a deeper level, to promote brand awareness, create social consciousness or build groups and relationships, Greenleaf Solutions Digital Marketing experts come up with novel social apps to help you do more on the social platform