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Website Maintenance & Website Audit Services

The web is a dynamic and fluid environment constantly needing adaptation and modification to stay on top

A team, usually comprised of professionals in visual design, web editing, web development, marketing, security and usability, examine a website from all perspectives to determine its effectiveness and thus lead to improvements. Website maintenance is a follow through to website audit, updating and modifying websites to be current and efficient. A website audit involves considerations of usability through audience analysis, perception analysis, client requirements, broken links and other parameters. Another aspect is compliance to latest standards of web page coding and mark ups. Then the information architecture is assessed from search engine angle and from user perspective. Accessibility is another key aspect of website audit, examining how easily available a website is as search engines lower rank if loading times are high. The web must be aligned to a business strategy, an aspect covered in website audits along with branding based on visual design and consistency.

Benefits of our website audit and website maintenance services

Let the experts handle your web presence with skills and expertise

Website audit shows up shortcomings and web maintenance as initiated by Greenleaf Solutions Digital Marketing takes corrective measures to ensure that search engines do not downgrade positioning. Website audit and maintenance keep your site finely tuned and oiled, performing at peak efficiency, generating an ever increasing flow of traffic while rising consistently in search results and attracting more visitors. Regular audits and website maintenance enable web empowerment by including apps and features that make for a highly desirable user experience.

How we do it

Greenleaf Solutions digital has a team dedicated exclusively for website audits, comprised of visual experts, web developers, web designers, marketing and research expert, security expert and usability expert. We have a well defined and standardized website audit procedure methodically implemented as regards visual harmony and coherence, ease of navigation, conformance to latest web technological guidelines, broken links, content, page coding, markups, architecture, loading time and other exhaustive tests. Results are analyzed and handed over to website maintenance team to implement modifications and refinements. The result is a sleek, sophisticated website that is a favorite of web search engines and web visitors.