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Mobile Marketing Solutions

The world is mobile and mobile marketing gets your message to your target: wherever, whenever. It's the cutting edge solution to cost-effectively reach mass audiences

What is mobile marketing?

In layman terms mobile marketing solutions involve establishing marketing communications through mobile devices such as netbooks, smartphones and tablets or using the wireless as a pathway to deliver promotional materials to targeted mass audiences. Majority of people use smartphones capable of receiving text and multimedia messages, a factor leveraged by marketing people to deliver personalized offers and ads to audiences in geographically defined locations. The trend these days is for people to use the smartphone or tablet as the device of choice for communications, browsing the net, making online purchases and storing data. Mobiles are commonly used to find shopping establishments and restaurants, opening up possibilities of focused ad thrusts during such searches. A mobile device is alwa ys at hand and is indispensable for a variety of purposes. More to the point, a mobile user invariably reads messages and offers that, when delivered through email or other online methods, may not even be seen or read.

Mobile is one of the most popular devises used by the people in the recent time. It?s a platform to get the maximum reach.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Smart enterprises make mobile marketing the core of their marketing strategy and with justification. A mobile device is always on, is always at hand and the center point of a decision making process. Offers, engaging content, messages, value and utility can be delivered in brief, at a low cost to profiled customers in specific geographic locations to maximize responses and returns on ad spends. Mobile technology maximizes contextual relevance, a highly desirable property from the user perspective that helps move potential customers towards a buy decision.

How we do it

Greenleaf Solutions digital marketing is a mobile marketing firm in India that has a team of experts providing mobile marketing solutions, drawing on data analytics, technological skills and understanding of the market to deliver rich, engaging content through the mobile platform. We devise strategies and implement them in narrowly defined geographic and demographic targets referenced to your products and services to maximize returns and give you huge benefits. We can implement interesting bulk SMS marketing campaigns, MMS campaigns, offers, QR Codes, deals, functional fun apps and even mobile cold calling that will stir up interest and lead a customer onwards to a buy.