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Ratings and Reviews

More and more people prefer to find out about a product or service from special online sites dedicated to ratings and reviews.

These websites are specific so far as they give unbiased (or sometimes biased) ratings that help you decide about buying a product, visiting a restaurant or picking a service provider. Some popular rating and review sites are Yelp, Google Places and TripAdvisor. In addition to independent rating, these websites also carry reviews by users that can make or mar your reputation in the market place.

Benefits of rating and review

Writing attractive reviews on your products or services, we create a positive impression on our clients.

By making a determined effort to have your products, services or established listed on rating and review sites you enhance visibility and build a level of trust as well as a positive reputation. Nowadays people use GPS on mobile devices to find shopping establishments, travel agencies, health care and restaurants locally and in this context, rating and review listing gains an added importance. Positive ratings increase footfalls and positive reviews build reputation and increase buyer confidence, influencing their decision making process. This translates to more business and profits for you.

How we do it

Our team analyzes your product in reference to market requirements, studies the competition and trends and comes up with a positive action plan. This involves posting to all relevant rating and review sites to get you listed (free or on paid basis) and thus become instantly accessible. We keep track of what people are saying about your product, establishment or service. We take care of neutralizing negative comments and generate more positive reviews that translate to increased sales for you. Knowing that people use a variety of search terms, we list your website, product and company under various categories to make it easy for anyone to find you. These and other ongoing activities help you maintain a highly visible, positive presence.