We initiate campaigns that will result
in torrential gains on long term basis

Online display advertisements

Online display advertisements are displayed on web pages to promote products or services through the web.

They contain text, logo, video, graphics and photographs with a compulsive message to induce viewers to click through and visit a website or make a buy decision as a consequence. Online display advertising consists of banners, frame ads, floating ads, pop ups, trick banners that slide in and out, expanding ads and interesting ads or an ad that displays before the web page. There is sophistication in online display advertising as advertisers can use such ads to collect data, analyze behaviors and preferences and then follow up with targeted promotions, even using geo-targeting and IP addresses along with cookies for refinement in ad delivery to generate results.

Benefits of online display advertising

We display banners on the websites visited by your target audience thus directly hitting your targets.

It is not easy to get visitors to your websites. However a majority do visit popular web search engines and other portals where online displays catch the attention of visitors to provoke interest, click on the ad that will take him to the website or get him to access a promotional offer. Online display advertising maximizes your visibility on the web, generates results in the short term while organic SEO seeding gradually takes its effect and gives maximum returns on investment in your effort to promote your products and services.

How we go about it

Before we launch any online display advertising campaign we carry out extensive research as regards demographics, geographic preferences, your products and competition and also an analysis of relevant and meaningful sites that will maximize returns on investment. Our creative designers pack in a lot of information and create compelling online displays with a mix of colors, graphics, animation, images and text for high visibility and persuasion power. Each ad is tracked and we compile information that will further assist in targeted marketing activities to get results.